Why You Should Buy My Free Software

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I sell subscriptions to support responsible, competitive, transparent, privacy-respecting, and free alternatives to products that are none of those things.

Who cares? What have I done for you lately? Why pay me for what I give away?

Right now you have a serious problem. You need at least two different kinds of ad blockers to enjoy the actual content in a video. You probably can’t imagine life without Google. You don’t know what most websites are doing with your personal information, but you can be sure now that it’s due for another data breach.

The problem, in summary, is that software runs your life and you have no say over it and the people who write it. I release projects that make steps towards giving you that control. To that end, I vow the following:

But let me be clear: Everything I just vowed cuts me out of every way to make money online except delivering something of value to you. This is how Wikipedia works, and it survives on a minority of readers. It could make a killing, but it knows this is how things should be. That’s why I’m a donor.

It takes a lot of time to compete with incumbent projects, and I can’t do it alone. I have asked for donations before, but you need to get something for your support. That’s why I use a subscription model to give you something for your money.

To date, you have been paying for the many convenient apps out there with your privacy and freedom. You pay either way, so go for the better arrangement.