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Sage builds trust not only through his technical competencies (though, this is impressive) but also by making clear, intentional commitments and broadcasts frequent updates as things evolve all while driving through to delivery and verification. Sage is an incredibly strong team member who's technical abilities are on par with his empathy for those impacted by his solutions. Sage's focus and communication is quite impressive.

Ashton T.

A true master in his craft - these are the words that come to mind when describing Sage Gerard's web application development abilities. I hired Sage in 2017 to join a highly skilled team of software engineers. His role was to spearhead web development in the group. In that capacity, he delivered business critical applications in a short period of time, and had an undeniable business impact. Besides his technical skills, Sage also showed a lot of initiative and volunteered often to take on new types of work. With a unique combination of technical skills and colorful personality, Sage is an asset to any organization.

Damian S.

Sage's passion and enthusiasm for what he does is indisputable, and I can't recommend him highly enough. I worked closely with Sage for a little over a year, collaborating closely on a daily basis. During this time, Sage demonstrated nothing short of unwavering integrity and commitment toward delivering the highest quality in his work. I was continually impressed with Sage's ability to solve problems and handle unexpected complications - any time an issue arose, Sage was prepared with multiple possible solutions. But even more so than on the strength of his work ethic and unquestionable skill, I'd recommend Sage for the inspiring and uplifting personality he brings to the workplace every day.

Gareth B.

Sage was a standout engineer at Promethean who always took the time to help his peers (something about which I am personally grateful). He is not a punch-in/punch-out guy--he clearly sets high standards for himself and the code he writes. On a personal note, Sage is a good friend with a sharp wit and easy-going attitude. He is certainly missed at Promethean.

Nicholas V.

Sage is an extremely intelligent person, and I had the pleasure of working with him during his time at Promethean. He was never afraid to ask questions and seek clarification when it came to projects, communications, and HR related topics. Sage was always thorough and made sure his work was done to perfection!

Jade S.

Sage is one of the most passionate and productive engineers I've had the pleasure of working with. On multiple occasions, Sage educated his peers when it came to development techniques and technologies on the forefront, allowing his passion to permeate throughout the department. It is a great pleasure to recommend Sage to any company.

Monica K.

It is truly and honor to work alongside Sage everyday at Promethean. He brings with him a very versatile palette of skill-sets that makes him an incredible problem solver in many different areas. Sage is a full-stack engineer that constantly pushes his limits and boundaries to new levels. He does this all while making his surrounding team mates better as well. Since the time I started working with Sage on his first day here I can truly say that he has a beautiful mind and demonstrates perfectly what true collaboration can be like. I really can't say enough about him, I am very fortunate to work with him every single day. Sage is a team player makes everyone around him better. What more could you ask for in a team mate? With all sincerity and earnest I recommend Sage Gerard because he truly a brilliant human being that helps make not just work, but our world a better place. I look forward to working with and learning from Sage for many years to come. Like I said, it is truly an honor to work with Sage!

Frankie L.

I was Sage's manager during our time together at Kennesaw State University. While I managed the Computer Science Department, Sage proved to be a valuable resource that helped us through a number of different development projects in the department. Specifically, Sage redesigned and served as our primary developer for our Animated Database Courseware application. Sage is a clear thinking, level headed individual that has always been willing to take on more responsibilities. His ability to understand a problem and to conceptualize & analyze a situation needs a special mention. He has proven himself to be a student with excellent ability for logical and intuitive thinking. I strongly recommend Sage without any reservation.

Kirk I.

I called Sage because I was getting frustrated with the hoops I was having to jump through while attempting to produce a print-ready book cover. He responded in minutes and recommneded a good program to help simplify my life! I Love having someone as knowledgeble as Sage to consult about such things!

Jeri N.

June 2012 To whom it may concern Mr. Sage Gerard and I are acquainted through our fellowship in our membership in Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society; where he served as the Webmaster for the Omicron Alpha chapter, and I now serve as the Vice President of Leadership for the Pi Epsilon chapter. Mr. Gerard was elected by his peers to serve as an Executive Officer, the Vice President (VP) of Communications, for the College Democrats & Independents of MGCCC (CD&I) to serve during the spring semester of 2012- (CD&I is the only officially recognized student political organization of MGCCC). During his service as the VP of Communications, Mr. Gerard assisted in the registering of over 135 new voters in two days in February (2012), served as a media contact for organizational events, worked diligently to produce a periodical communiqué to the membership, and established a fully functional website for CD&I (www.cdimgccc.org)- building the site from the ground up! Additional duties handled were the assisting in branding and image of the organization, delivering the chapter's message, and oversight of new media and internet communications. Without the assistance, insight, and support, of Mr. Gerard the College Democrats & Independents of MGCCC would not be currently capable of communicating as clearly and effectively as is possible now. The College Democrats & Independents of MGCCC is eternally grateful for his integrity, service, professionalism, and commitment. Sincerely, Matthew R. Moore President, College Democrats & Independents of MGCCC Vice President of Leadership, Phi Theta Kappa, Pi Epsilon Chapter Democrat Chair, District Two, Harrison County Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee, Member Veteran, US Navy

Matt M.

Sage is a great graphic designer who is both easy to work with and willing to please. He was very willing to take direction and produce a quality product with little to no rework after review. I was very pleased with the work Sage did in our group and happy to give him the credit he absolutely deserved. Can't wait to work with Sage again!

Matthew C.

Sage has both designed and implemented the website of our Phi Theta Kappa chapter (omicronalpha.org.) He currently administers the site, the people who use it, and the content. He created the site in a timely and efficient manner. Sage consistenly produces creative results. He is able to handle unanticipated situations and communicates immediately and effectively if problems arise.

Patricia W.

I hired Sage as a personal tutor to help me learn many concepts and solve many programing problems for two of my undergraduate programming classes. Sage was able to reword assignments, explain concepts using clever analogies, and taught me several programming tools and tricks that would have been otherwise unknown to me. Sage has worked with me in person as well as communicating concepts via email. He always explains the answers to my questions in a way that I can understand, and he always responds very quickly. As a student attending computer science courses, it has been necessary for me to seek other means of help to supplement my education, and Sage is always there when I need help. I would highly recommend Sage as a tutor for anyone who needs help in any sort of computer science or math course.

Lindy L.