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Purchase a Subscription

I sell subscriptions to fund my open source development work. Each subscription offers access to a private chatroom, plus a budget for reporting support incidents, and creating bounties for my published projects.

For custom arrangements, please email moc.drarblahegegas@egas.

Want 50% off?: Currently GitHub Sponsors is offering a match for the first year of participation, which allows me to cut prices in half for some subscription tiers until November 2020. To take advantage of this, please purchase a subscription on GitHub.

Subscriber: $5 / month

For budget-conscious supporters.

Developer: $20 / month

For self-sufficient clients that need only quick consultations.

Startup: $200 / month

For seed-stage ventures that just started building their offering.

Professional: $500 / month

For businesses that are finding their bearings with their first customers.

Growth: $3,000 / month

For accelerating businesses with increasingly-formulated operations.

Enterprise: $10,000 / month

For established businesses that cannot tolerate any interruptions or inefficiencies. Strong support focus.