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A website with superpowers

This site follows my personal philosophy of minimalism. Barring exceptional cases, every page on this website takes up fewer than 10 kibibytes on size on disk and runs no JavaScript. This is one of the few websites left where the host respects your privacy.

But I did not just write vanilla HTML. I use Racket to shape content using any language I want. This snippet renders a fractal at build-time for this page.

#lang racket
(require "tri.rkt")
(write `(div ((style ,(string-join 
                       '("margin: 0 auto"
                         "transform-origin: center"
                         "transform: scale(0.7) skew(-21deg, 10deg)")
             ,(sierpinsky-triangle 4 "#e8e6e3" "tri")))

Here I use an embedded shell dialect to compute the download size of Bootstrap.

#lang rash
(define size-box (box "Unknown"))

curl -so /dev/null -w '"%{size_download}" \ \
  |>> set-box! size-box

(write `(span ((style "color: cyan"))
        "The total download size of Bootstrap v4.3.1 is "
        ,(unbox size-box) " bytes"))
The total download size of Bootstrap v4.3.1 is 155758 bytes