I'm Changing How I Distribute Racket Packages

Even if I never change my code, a stranger could upload a Racket package on the default catalog that impacts your ability to install one of my packages or view their online docs.

This made me spend quite a bit of time thinking about how I want to distribute my packages to you. I want you to install the exact versions of my code that you want while I focus on writing new stuff. There isn't a surefire way to do that unless you've been checking my source code directly into your projects this whole time.

Effective July 31st 2020, the default catalog will only hold the latest versions of my packages. I'll refrain from pushing any breaking changes on the default catalog until then, but you should view them as unstable now to better reflect reality. For an exact version of my code, please refer to the releases on the associated GitHub project.

Also: I'm not going to change my collection names to avoid conflicting with an earlier, backwards-incompatible version of my own packages. Racket's Package Management FAQ suggests I should, but I couldn't mesh with some of the implications. If I release a backwards-incompatible change to a package, please assume that version should not be installed alongside a prior version in the same package scope.