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You can propose bounties with your subscription to influence and pay for development. For example, someone might say this in chat:

I need a visualization for the graph in unlike-assets so I can see where a build went wrong in a different way.

This is not considered a support incident because it calls for a new feature. After some discussion the request can be assigned specific reqirements and a price, making it a bounty. Not all tasks can become bounties, but they are a way for subscribers to communicate their needs and know that they will be fulfilled.

Bounties are either funded directly by individual contributions, or funded over time out of bounty budgets. If your subscription includes a bounty budget of $100, then every month you can split that $100 across active bounties. Bounty budgets roll over each month until they cap out at $5,000.

When time is tight, bounties are completed on a first-funded-first-served basis.