An Announcement Regarding Payments and Subscriptions

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I've made a few changes to how I process payments and subscriptions.

First, I now accept one-time donations and subscriptions via PayPal on a dedicated page. Donations are not tax deductable, meaning this site now has a tip jar. If I did something that helped you and you don't want a subscription, then tips are a great way to say thanks and help with server/administration costs.

Second, there is now only a $5/month subscription level. I tried to follow Red Hat's thinking re: subscriptions, but it seems that the more demanding work fits under general C2C consulting gigs.

Trimming down the subscription model impacts bounty budget caps. Previously I capped a subscriber's bounty budget to $5,000. The intent was to encourage large subscribers to use their votes early and often. That would help manage priorities between competing interests, since a big lump vote from a long-standing subscriber would create capacity problems. If the larger subscription levels no longer exist, then having such a huge cap for $5/month subscribers doesn't make sense. For that reason, the bounty budget cap is now $60. This does not reduce the value of existing accounts. If any future adjustments are needed, they will protect existing subscribers' balances.

Finally, I added a subscription perk for early access to new original content via the Riot chat room. This means that the publishing process first posts an unlisted link through the Riot chat before appearing on public feeds.